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Stephen Gill, a partner, and CEO of Flood Risk America and Flood Risk Canada is launching a flood insurance program. The program kicks off at the Golf Industry Show in Orlando. For further explanation and insight into the project, there will be representatives available at booth #1706 to explain the advantages and terms of conditions relating to the new flood insurance and mitigation program.

There are various issues faced by the industry in the past. Golf course owners and superintendents made contact with Gill. They told him about the problem at hand and the inability to obtain flood insurance on their greens and bunkers. Also included is the amount of business they were losing from damages caused by the flood. Gill and his team consisting of flood plain managers and a team of engineers, started a comprehensive flood risk assessment on the various golf courses. The assessment showed that several areas of the courses were at risk.

"We can carry out flood risk assessment, and at the same time prevent flooding and damages. Our skills and experience also enable us to prevent loss of business," Gill said.

Flood Risk America and Flood, Risk Canada service, have locations scattered across North America, and their mission is to eradicate solve flood problems in a multitude of industries. The companies are stationed in several industries. The companies have an establishment in Florida, where they plan closely with the golf industry. "We pride ourselves in delivering first-class services. Our clients are a vital part of our job, and we always take out time to offer the right services to them. When they contact us in regards to specific problems. We have specific solutions to specific problems," partner and COO Tiffany Larger said.

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