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No matter Kim Kardashian often breaks the internet, but, in her New Zealand tour, Adele has got better. She ruined our phones

Telephone repair firms recorded a rise in telephones damaged by water at Adele's final performance last Sunday, after a strong downpour. MetService says that there was 7.4mm rain in Auckland between 8pm and 10 pm and Mt Smart Stadium, which was uncovered had 40,000 people drenched in the rain. The artist herself used a plastic poncho as a shield from the rain.

The issue is that previously fans have waved over their heads their glowing cigarette lighters, but now, they're waving their brightly colored screens.

Shannon Roberts, from Auckland, like other concert-goers had their iPhones out at the concert. Much of the second half of the festival, she streamed live so friends that could not get tickets could enjoy the event.

When she came home, she found she could not even take or make any calls, as both the mic and the earphones weren't functioning.

Since that time she's purchased a cheaper model and the iPhone still seems to be good for pictures and the Internet.

Roberts says her experience with Adele was worth her phone damage. She's a great performer, she said, "I really had a wonderful time. "No reason to regret."

Sarah Deans, resident of Wellington, said her iPhone 6 has been water-soaked throughout the performance, even though it was still in a pouch beneath her seat. Her friend too experienced the same."

"My bag was totally soaking up... I turned on the phone when I reached home and it just didn't work.

Deans placed her phone in a rice packed, sealed bag and left it in a heated water cupboard upon her return to Wellington. It performed as normal after three days.

So her night was ruined by the downpour and the phone drama afterwards? Not really. "It was fantastic, the downpour didn't actually bother me too much, it only managed to make it very exciting and unique," said Deans.

Wei Loh of Po

nsonby's Duct Tape Workshop said he had had already had a packed week after the concert with several customers carrying phones which were water-damaged.

Sadly, he wasn't able to do much, sometimes.

"Normally we will not suggest clients have it repaired, as water-damaged smartphones tend to always get corrosion, also even if it's fixed now, there could be more issues in the future," Loh stated.

The majority of repair shops would charge around $100 to $200, based on the component you need to replace in the iPhone.

However, phones that are water damaged, can't be serviced sometimes and have to be changed, and so, the concert may be costly for some drenched Adele fans with the latest iPhone 7 priced around $1,200 on the Apple online store. Show tickets were priced at $100. The best advice Loh gave was that a repair expert should have the faulty phone as quickly as possible to stop corrosion.

"Generally when you have water damage you get it to a repair shop as early as possible, maybe then, there's an opportunity to fix it, but when you wait long, there may have already been corrosion."

He was doubtful about Deans' rice method, particularly in the event of severe damage to the phone. ,"To be frank, it isn't really useful. If it really is seriously water-damaged, perhaps the rice isn't really likely to do much of anything," he added.

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